Creating values. Appreciating values.

Because profitability creates stability.

Creating values. Appreciating values.


Because profitability creates stability.

Appreciating values. Safeguarding values.

Far-reaching changes such as strong growth, restructuring situations, changes at shareholder level and acquisitions are challenging, often critical, transitional phases for businesses. In these situations, a great deal depends on Finance, where solutions have to be put in place and transparency established at short notice. With my expertise and years of experience I will step you purposefully and resolutely through these challenges – so that established values are sustained as you move forward.

Accompanying change. Optimizing structures. Enhancing transparency.

As Interim CFO, sparring partner and transition partner on temporary basis, I am right at your side. I bring a neutral view from outside and work with you to initiate changes, optimize and if necessary, develop existing structures, controlling tools, reporting and processes in Finance. In this way I increase transparency – giving you an undistorted view of your profitability drivers.

I deliver important impulses, examine honestly and accompany you in trust through operational implementation.

Finance – your partner and co-pilot on peer level

Professionally directed finance departments play an important part in the effective management of enterprises. As partner and co-pilot on peer level, Finance boosts your flexibility and speed and contributes much to your ability to reach the right decision for your company.

My independent and clear dealing enables Finance to step up to the requirements and challenges of operational business professionally and to be a valued sparring partner in the company. I lay the groundwork enabling Finance to progress from mere operator to strategic partner.

My objective is to professionalize Finance so that it can frankly assess the company’s operational business and strategy at exactly the right point. This safeguards and improves profitability as vital basis for stability and the future of the company in the long term.

You can see a need for action in your company? Let’s consider the options.

Actions speak louder than words.

“Our main business is not to see dimly what lies at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.”


Thomas Carlyle

The bridge between solution and implementation

I put my expert knowledge and my management experience to work in your company. I see myself as bridging between solution and implementation, between workforce and targets, between today and tomorrow.

Whenever I assume the post of Interim CFO I look back on many years’ experience in widely differing change scenarios in small and medium-sized enterprises. My focus is on delivering my solid expert know-how straight to the company. My approach is geared toward application-oriented and practical solutions and their implementation. En route to the solution, statements of pertinent fact are in the foreground.

I assemble teams on an implementation-oriented and talent-oriented basis, I expand familiar situations across the teams and I involve myself in their resolution. I am appreciated for the clarity of my perception.  

By applying my wide-ranging practical experience, I am able to assess challenging situations within a very short time. So, I act quickly, I take decisions and implement the necessary measures without delay.

Utilizing change as opportunity

In my roles as neutral sparring partner and transition partner I introduce an independent voice into your company and I build up a general overview for myself. I do not hesitate to address awkward issues. We study your challenges on the basic of facts and we tackle the issues jointly, moving forward to the best possible solution for your company.

I support you reliably and assist you in the many and diverse situations that I myself have experienced – with specific issues and projects, analyses and concepts in the financial sector.

Approach and areas of expertise

Implementation-aware. direct. able to act.

  • Management of finance organizations and/or the entire administrative areas
  • Analysis, development, realignment and restructuring of Finance to meet upcoming challenges and support through to implementation
  • Business consulting
  • Assistance in dealing with specific issues and projects, including for example preparation and support of financing discussions or negotiations with financing partners, preparation for mergers & acquisitions and coordination of these processes, support and consulting during reorganization
  • Development and optimization of financial reporting and the relevant KPIs and controlling tools
  • Optimization of Finance processes, for example budgeting, liquidity planning, monthly closing
  • Support in compilation and implementation of performance and reorganization concepts

More than 20 years’ experience as CFO and consultant


Zelger Management + Consulting GmbH


2011 to 2021


CFO in international-player production SMEs in a variety of sectors

Areas of responsibility: Finances, Human Resources, IT, Legal

Company Size: 140 to 600 M€ turnover, corporate groups from 8 to 35 companies

Shareholder Background: Private equity, family-owned businesses

Situations: Changes at Shareholder level, M&A processes, post-merger integration, reorganization of decentralized businesses in a group, transition to outside management, reorganization/restructuring (IDW S6)

2007 to 2011

Altavis GmbH / RSM GmbH

founding shareholder, certified public accountant and tax advisor

1998 to 2007

Haarmann Hemmelrath & Partner / Hemmelrath & Partner

certified public accountant and tax advisor, junior partner


Diploma in Business Administration at the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) of Munich, Germany

academic title ‘Diplom-Kauffrau’